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Can OpenFL Recapture The Magic of Flash?

Oct 15, 2014 #Actionscript#Flash#Development#Code+Art#Haxe#OpenFL

The recent blog post about how Flash Pro is trending toward exporting to various platforms in combination with OpenFL's related latter got me thinking -- just what made Flash such an awesome creativity platform? And how... continue reading

Unfinished LD28

Dec 16, 2013 #Actionscript#Flash#Games#LudumDare

I've been watching Ludum Dare competitions from afar for a year or so, and occasionally I get excited at the idea of whipping out a game in 48 hours. I gave it a moderate effort this past weekend, but it turns out I'm not 20 anymore.... continue reading

AIR 3.9 Workers Beta

Sep 3, 2013 #AIR#Actionscript#Flash#Workers

Bill Howard announced that Flash Workers would be available for Android in an upcoming Beta, and here it is! The Adobe AIR 3.9 SDK introduces Workers on Android. Since I have my AS3-Workers-Compat library and testcase just sitting around, I thought I'd give it a spin on Android using AIR 3.9.... continue reading