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A Beginner's Guide to Hacking Haxe Macros

Jun 13, 2016 #Haxe#Macros#Development

Haxe macros are described on Haxe's website as "the most advanced feature of Haxe." But the topic is vast and complex. Even with the excellent set of macro examples in the Haxe cookbook, it can be daunting just to grasp the subtlties of working with macros. This article aims to give you the tools,... continue reading

Less Glue via Haxe Macro Lazy Props

Mar 18, 2016 #Haxe#Macros#Development

As programmers, we're well aware of the dangers of singletons and static access. But, lazy programmers (which are the best kind!) will often resort to them because they're so convenient to use! However, through the power of Haxe macros, we can avoid excess glue logic and succinctly declare all our dependencies. ... continue reading

FCSH for ASC 2.0 Compiler

Oct 7, 2013 #Actionscript#Mobile#Linux#Windows#Mac#AIR#Compiler

If you remember how the fcsh / fcshd compiler wrappers sped up the Flex SDK compiler (or if you've noticed that the Flash Builder compiler is much faster than, say, Flash Develop), read on. Your AS3 workflow may get a performance boost from my new tools, ascsh and ascshd.... continue reading