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Installing AIR Apps On Linux

Jan 15, 2014 #Actionscript#Linux#AIR#Ubuntu

Adobe AIR isn't officially supported under Linux anymore, but it's easy enough to install AIR apps using Wine and a couple handy scripts. This post will walk you through installing Wine, AIR, and a couple test apps, SWFWire Inspector and Dragon Age Legends (simply because their .air packages are easily accessible.) ... continue reading

Setup AIR 3.9 SDK On Ubuntu 12.04

Jan 8, 2014 #Actionscript#Mobile#Linux#AIR#Ubuntu

This post includes all the setup necessary to get started using the AIR SDK under Ubuntu linux. While the instructions are fairly generic and should be applicable in many circumstances, I used Adobe AIR SDK 3.9 and a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04.3 64-bit. I like LTS releases and developers will usually be working in 64-bit environments with lots... continue reading