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Unfinished LD28

Dec 16, 2013 #Actionscript#Flash#Games#LudumDare

I've been watching Ludum Dare competitions from afar for a year or so, and occasionally I get excited at the idea of whipping out a game in 48 hours. I gave it a moderate effort this past weekend, but it turns out I'm not 20 anymore. I can't stay up all hours, nor devote entire weekends to hobbies these days.

Nevertheless, I had fun creating this, and though it doesn't qualify for LD - it uses "temporary art" that I didn't create - I think it's kind of an interesting mechanic. I had fun integrating Nape physics engine and I worked on the details of controlling the character quite a bit. Implementing realistic, fun, and challenging platformer physics turns out to be quite a feat. I have a lot of respect for how good Mario games feel, and of course, for everyone who actually finished their games for Ludum Dare.

Maybe next time! =P In the mean time, check out what I was able to finish - it was built in about 8 hours of coding using AS3, Starling, and Nape.

Click to play!

Note - click on the game to focus, use the arrow keys to move, space to jump, and press up to open doors. If you don't see the hero, refresh the page. There's some bug I haven't yet worked out.

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